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Teddington & Hampton Video Archive Project 2010

With the help of the community, we propose to identify and film key activities taking place in 2010 in the Teddington/Hampton area, including the Parks and River, and we’ll be contacting all the groups that may be interested in this project so they can be represented on this site.  eg. Schools and colleges, leisure industries, river organisations, local businesses, royal parks, the local council, local interest groups, charities, emergency services, and the local press.

Our cameraman Alan Benns has been a Teddington resident since 1987, and started working for Thames Television 10 years earlier. He has been freelancing for many years and has worked for all the major UK broadcasters. He still works across the TV spectrum in broadcast, corporate and more locally in schools, weddings, special events and media training. Alan has his own editing and duplication facilities here in Teddington, and is a Master Member of the Institute of Videography.

There are some clips of Alan’s other work here:

We envisage no individual story being longer than ten minutes,  long enough to tell the story of the event. Many events will be date specific and can be planned in advance. Others may not be so specific and can be filmed as an ongoing project during a quiet time when other things are not happening.

Obviously we cannot film all events or include them but will try to make sure there is a fair balance of organisations represented. Any events that show off our towns visually would clearly be a good idea.

If the above organisations could identify proposed events and let us know what they would like to be included, then a filming schedule can be set up, with of course all necessary permissions to film and publish online being made beforehand. As we already work with many local schools we are very aware that these kinds of arrangement need across the board agreement.

We would endeavour to film most of these events ourselves where practical, but would be more than happy to receive other video contributions that could be edited in later, providing the footage has been cleared for use, and is of suitable quality. We will be filming on HDV in a 16.9 aspect ratio.

We would post each  edited video on  this website, and at the end of the year produce a DVD for archive and for sale to raise money/awareness for local groups and charities..

This is a non profit making project, as we believe video records of our towns will be of important historical value. However, if anyone would like to use the footage commercially, we would facilitate a small charge.

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  1. Alan Rolph permalink
    June 18, 2010 3:34 pm

    Possible filming – Charity.
    Richmond Talking Newspaper for the Blind.

    This is a charity that records items from The Richmond and Twickenham Times into a sound version and then distributes (at the moment) cassette tapes to the local blind and partially sited people of the borough for free.
    This has been happening since 1979 and takes place every week.
    After the listener has finished with the tape it is then returned to the Talking Newspaper to be wiped clean and ready for re-use the following week.
    The base is normally in Teddington School but because of the new building progress, it is having to move temporarily to other premises but it will still be pruducing a sound version for the listeners.

    The contact is Alec Thomas on –

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